Privacy Policy
All applicants disclaim in whole or in part the right of / to any property or interest in any property
submitted with their application. Iconly International makes no representations or warranties to the
applicant as to their qualifications for said Tv Show. The applicant acknowledges to having carefully
examined this statement and further acknowledges that they have been informed of their rights and by filling up this form, they give their consent.
Photo Release Notice
Iconly International castings are photographed and videotaped. By attending these castings, you give
Iconly International the right to take photographs of you or photographs and videos in which you may
be involved with others for the purpose of promoting Iconly International or its designers.
You release Iconly International and its designated photographers and videographers from any and all
claims arising out of the use of your image in photos or videos. These photos do not include
photographs that you submit for consideration to be a part of Iconly International.

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